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  Precision measurement of resistance                DC current bias for semiconductor devices
   High stability current driver for semiconductor    Light emitting devices ( LEDs, Laser diodes )
   High precision DC current bias for sensors         High stability DC current bias for any precision
   ( Thermal sensors, Hall sensors )                  Measurement of samples
   Automatic resistance measurements with Other intelligent instruments

    DC current output and Settings:
      Setting resolution:  4 1/2 digits
      Output range:  0-100mA
        Setting resolution: 0.01mA
      Output accuracy: ±0.05% of settings ±100nA

    Temp. coefficient: ±0.01% of settings/℃

   Efficiency output voltage: 0-10V DC
     Maximum output voltage: 12.5V DC
  Front panel 
      Display: 2 line by 16 character

               backlight LCD. LED indicators.

      Display unit:  Current: mA;  Voltage: V
      Keypad: 8 keys functional keypad.
      Operation: Keypad intuitive operation
                       Display prompts

                   Front panel lockout.


Output mode: 4-wire at rear panel

                        Quadrant I (IOUT>0, VOUT>0)
Max. output power: 10W
Output connector:4 wire connector plug at rear panel
Ambient temp.: 15-35 ℃at rated accuracy
                         5-40℃ with reduced accuracy
YL4010A10  Current Source

RS-232C interface capabilities

      Baud rate:  9600, 19200, 57600 and 115200bps.
      Connector type:  9-pin D-style female plug.
      Connecting wiring:  DCE configured.
      Voltage level:  EIA RS-232C Specified.
      Transmission dist.:  15m or 50 feet max.
     Transmission mode:  Half duplex.
     Hardware handshake:  None.
      Character bits:  1 start, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop.
      Parity:  None.
      Terminator:  CR (0DH).
      Command rate: 6 commands max per second
Power requirement
                 AC 220V(-10% to +5%), 50-60Hz, 40VA max
Size: W′H′D = 217mm×88mm×317mm

Weight: 2kg typically.

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