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  Precision measurement of resistance
   DC current bias for semiconductor devices
   High stability current driver for semiconductor
   Light emitting devices ( LEDs, Laser diodes )
   High precision DC current bias for sensors
   ( Thermal sensors, Hall sensors )
   High stability DC current bias for any precision
   Measurement of samples
   Automatic resistance measurements with Other intelligent instruments


Output current: 0-50mA  (Customized )

  CurrentAccuracy: ±0.05% settings ±100nA

Accuracy: ±0.05% settings ±100nA

  Efficiency output voltage: 0-10V DC
  Front panel keypad operation
  large size LED display
  Maximum output voltage: 12V DC
  2-Wire current output
  AC 220V/50Hz
  Size:WxHxD = 93 × 48 × 190 (Unit: mm)
  Weight: 1kg Max
  AC 220V 50/60Hz -10%—+5%
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YL4001 Current Source
Front panel:LED、keypad
Typical Operation Area and Critical Load

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