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     Output mode: 2-wire sample connection, Quadrant I, III.
     Output connector: Binding post.
     Ambient temp.:    15-35℃ at rated accuracy
                                5-40℃ with reduced accuracy.
    Power requirement:  3 phase AC 380V (-5% to +5%), 50-60Hz
                                6kVA max at 3kW output.
     Size: Standard 19” Rack, 1300-1500mm Height.
     Weight: 150kg max.
       Cooling mode:  Air blast cooling.
     Setting resolution:   4 2/3 digits (20A-30A).
     Step resolution: 1mA.
     Output range:  -30A to 30A, or customized range.
     Output power:  3kW max.
  Output Accuracy:  ±1% of settings ± 5mA (20-30A)
    Current rise rate :  80 seconds typically from 0 to full scale output
                           Linear change refers to time
     Ripple (RMS):  Less than 0.05% of settings.
     Ripple (Vp-p):  Less than 0.3% of settings.
  Temp. coefficient:  ±0.01% of settings/℃.

Output direction reversing control

    Direction control:  ‘REV’ or ‘+/-’ mode
        In ‘REV’ mode, current decreases to 0 and direction is reversed,
    In ‘+/-’ mode, current decreases to 0, direction is reversed, and current restores to origin value.
       Reversing Executor:  Relay switch
       Reversing Delay:    5 seconds.
  Man-machine interaction
       Display:  2 line by 16 character, backlight LCD.
       Display unit:  Ampere/A, 1A=1000mA.
       Keypad:  17keys functional keypad.
       Keypad intuitive operation
       Display prompts
       Front panel lockout.

RS-232C interface capabilities

        Baud rate:  9600, 19200, 57600 and 115200bps.
        Connector type:  9-pin D-style female plug.
       Connecting wiring:  DCE configured.
       Voltage level:  EIA RS-232C Specified.
       Transmission dist.:  15m or 50 feet max.
       Transmission mode:  Half duplex.
       Hardware handshake:  None.
       Character bits:  1 start, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop.
       Parity:  None.
       Terminator:  CR (0DH).
     Command rate:  5 commands max per second
                                   Limited by internal current source operation.
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