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The YL1010 digital gaussmeter combines the technical advantages of digital technology with many advanced features at a moderate price. digital technology creates a solid foundation for accurate, stable, and repeatable field measurements. Advanced features including DC to 20 kHz AC frequency response, peak field detection to 50 μs pulse widths, DC accuracy of 0.05%, and up to 4¾ digits of display resolution make the YL1010 ideal for both industrial and research applications. For added functionality and value, the YL1010 includes a standard Hall probe.

Applications: Magnetic field measurement, Surface magnetic field, DC motor and speaker manufacture and test, Parameters with other intelligent instuments.


Field Ranges from 1G to 25KG DC 


Display Resolution: 4 ¾ digit


Basic DC Accuracy: ±0.05%

  Front Panel Keypad Operation
  Digital Hall Sensor
  Automatic Zero Adjustment
  Max Hold/Peak Capture
  G/T Unit Display
  AC Filter
  Sampling Rates to 10 readings per s
  2×16 Character Matrix Large Size LCD Display
  Standard Probe Include ±1% readings ±1G
  Standard Custom Probes Available
  Size:WxHxD = 147x65x188mm
  AC 220V 50/60Hz -10%—+5%
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YL1010 Gaussmeter
Front panel:LCD、keypad
Rear Panel:Line input Assembly, Probe Input
YL1600 Hall Probes

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